Field Warehousing

We provide commodity management of various types in locations other than Candid logistics lease warehouses.

These locations, which may belong to your customers in any part of the country, can be professionally managed by us. There are no limits to the types or nature of goods that can be controlled and effectively managed by our well-experienced staff.

If you bank on us, you will benefit from the capacity of a team with a diverse experience in warehousing and distribution. Hence, you will enjoy seamless end-to-end support that will come with fewer logistic challenges with reduced complexity.

As a bonus, you will gain speed, control and seamless mobility.

Note: We operate a full inventory custodian system
The inventory under our custody is released to the off-taker based only on release instructions from our principal.
 Sales inventory monitoring system. 

We also observe & report on the condition of stock, warehouse and environs. This way we help mitigate the risks of running out of stock and affecting market supply as well as give predictive feedback to the production team.

Our support will enhance your readiness to collaborate with foreign suppliers who are not ready to maintain inventories locally.

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