Technical capabilities



Candid Logistics has a great reputation in the air freight operations. The Air freigjhtunit coordinates both import air and export air cargoes including time critical shipments. It is headed by a Manager who is knowledgeable about airfreight operations.  This department also coordinates activities and our relationship with the various airlines that we work with including Air France cargo, Cargo lux and Base Aviation. The airfreight Department has 2 supervisors in charge of import and export airfreight operations respectively.



This unit coordinates import and export seafreight cargoes respectively. The sea freight Unit is headed by a Manager who is the focal point for all import and export seafreight cargoes.



At Candid Relocations, we are very well aware that a good move is a well-planned move. Upon the first contact or phone call, to the final drop off, our team in Candid Relocations will carefully follow up every aspect of your move.
Pre-Move Briefing:
We are aware that every move if not properly handled could turn out to be stressful. To avert this, from the onset, we point out some of the initial considerations and answer any questions or concerns.
We work with our customers to understand their budget and give our cost effective advise on both packaging and freighting both by air and sea.
International Moves
Our International Division – through the use of our worldwide affiliates – coordinates every type of international move from start to finish. Our dedicated professionals understand the unique requirements for a seamless relocation to or from a foreign country.

Security and Insurance coverage:
We are quite aware that some personal belongings are almost priceless, and as such their loss and damage, evokes an unparalleled emotion. We work to ensure that our customers don’t suffer any loss or damage.
As an industry standard, CANDID RELOCATIONS offers basic liability protection for your belongings. However, basic liability protection may not provide enough coverage in the unlikely event something is lost or damaged. You may decide upon full value protection, which could be an affordable choice for peace of mind.



From inception Candid Logistics was established as a quality conscious organization. This has shaped our approach both to business and also our relationship with our customers. We have regular quality audits and have consciously involved our clients to be part of our drive towards quality culture. We have a specifically designed service quality form made available to our clients to rate our services to them.

We are also conscious of the fact that our services can only become meaningful to our customers and the public through safe work habits. Accordingly, the Safety, Health, and Environment of our staff and host communities are vital to our success.

The QHSE Unit is headed by a Manager who reports directly to the Managing Director.



TheCandid Consults Unit is the think-tank for all our operations.  It is the engine room of our activities. It monitors best practices worldwide and coordinates our training and manpower development.  It is Co-ordinated by the Managing Director.  It is working in collaboration with the QHSE Department to monitor industry best practices and continuous process improvement.



This unit coordinates all our haulage and logistics operations. Working under the direct supervision of the Logistics and QHSE Departments, the Haulage Unit coordinates all our rig moves and deliveries to our various clients after customs clearance or for export related activities to the port.



We have warehouses in all our branches where our clients’ cargoes could be warehoused or stored pending delivery to choice locations or sites.

This warehousing and distribution Department coordinates all cargos for either storage or pending delivery to the client.



TheEvents Logistics department coordinates all time critical shipments and special projects cargoes.  This unit has coordinated several landmark projects including the First ever MAMA AWARD Abuja (Africa Music & Entertainment Award) 2008,  Africa Cup of Nations Award, Lagos Nigeria 2013; Nigeria Sports Festival Lagos, 2012 among others.  All equipment were brought into the country on Temporary Importation basis and re-exported by us after the event.



Through a worldwide network of offices occasioned by our membership of FIATA, WORLD CARGO ALLIANCE, and HHGFAA (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MOVERS INC) as well as our strategic partnership with major key players in the industry worldwide, we offer a unique combination and best guarantees for a complete package of logistics services adapted to specific needs of clients, going far beyond the scope of the activities undertaken by traditional freight forwarders.  These partners have been carefully selected taken into consideration their expertise, financial stability and reliability of service among others. Due to the fact that we all belong to the same network, compliance to contractual obligations of members is mandatory for continued membership. Furthermore, we have financial protection plan that covers default for every member.  So far due to the stringent nature and process of screening before membership, all our members are screened to ensure financial stability, integrity and capacity to meet international commitments.



  • Integrity, responsiveness and capacity to meet customers’ needs and expectations are our core values.
  • We have a culture of responding to Customer’s inquiries within 30 minutes via telephone and 60 minutes via emails. Quotes and feedbacks must be given on any issue within 24 hours or before close of business each day.
  • We don’t just work for our Clients. We take out time to understand them including the uniqueness of their jobs and activities.  We usually undertake an audit of the processes of our clients to see areas of improvement and to integrate our activities within the framework of our Clients business area.  This way we position ourselves to act in an effective manner to support the processes and work demands of our clients.
  • We have saved a whole lot of revenue for our clients by pointing out areas where there are leakages. After each job or contract we do a “post mortem” to take a critical look at what we have done and areas of possible improvement.  We sincerely believe in continuous process improvement even where our clients are excited about our performances.
  • We don’t seek to work for every organization. We only seek to work for organizations whose vision and mission are in perfect alignment with our organization. We want to be seen as making worthwhile contributions to the sustainability and growth of organizations. This explains why we have a policy not to overcrowd our clientele base so that we would have enough time to be at service any time they want us.
  • We believe that by helping our Clients meet their targets we are fulfilling our corporate mission and helping to contribute both to national and international economic growth and sustainability.